Our Clients

The senior accountant – Adam Hill has 25 years experience in tax, accounting and business advisory services and Adam and his team are available to help clients both big and small.

Home or business visits attract an additional fee.

Online Tax Return & Tax Advice

These days it is far easier to prepare tax returns online than two or three years ago. We can access a lot of your tax information from the ATO so that you don’t have to trawl through all your paperwork and waste your time. We then focus on the important bits of the tax return with you.

Your personal accountant will also be available throughout the year for other advice and face to face consultations if required.

In short, our online tax service and telephone appointment makes the entire tax process easy for you without any sacrifice to service.

Individual Tax Fees & Advice

In addition to our online tax service we also offer face to face consultations.

Face to face tax return consultations with an experienced tax professional start at $350 (tax deductible)

Small Business Coaching

We are able to package up all coaching, taxation, SMSF, small business, consultancy, investment and a range of other services.

We will tailor our package to your specific circumstances.

Face to face tax advice consultations start at $350 (tax deductible)

Business Consultations

Our services page of this website shows the areas that can be covered in a business consultation. We invite you to have a look at this list.

Face to face business consultations start at $350 (tax deductible)

Small Business Coaching Packages

We offer a range of business coaching packages that allow you to reduce tax, accounting and investment fees as we can do it all.

We will provide a quote once we know what services your business requires.

Face to face business consultations start at $350 (tax deductible)